Lianyang launches MHL 2.1 transmitter control chip for handheld devices

As handheld devices such as smart phones and tablet computers are becoming more and more popular in daily life, consumers gradually have the need to transfer the audio and video content of mobile devices to large screens for viewing, thus promoting the reuse of HDMI on mobile devices. However, because HDMI's current type A connector mechanism cannot be accommodated in increasingly thin and short mobile devices, and the relatively high power consumption, the battery life of mobile devices is also a problem. In order to solve the shortcomings of HDMI, MHL (Mobile High -DefiniTIon Link) interface came into being.

MHL can transmit 1080P @ 60Hz high-definition video through the MicroUSB connector, including video and sound, and MHL has a charging function to increase the convenience of battery life of mobile devices. Therefore, major manufacturers including TVs, mobile phones and tablets have gradually introduced MHL technology.

Lianyang Semiconductor launched the MHL 2.1 transmitter control chip IT6811. This MHL transmitter fully complies with MHL2.1 and HDCP 1.4 specifications, and can be applied to portable products and markets such as mobile phones, tablets, Wifi TV dongle, etc. IT6811 is also the first in Taiwan to pass The latest MHL test standard MHL CTS 2.0 Source Device products. IT6811 contains the latest mainstream specifications of MHL, including the 3D specifications of MHL2.1 and PackedPixel Mode that can achieve high-speed transmission of 1,080P @ 60Hz. IT6811 integrates MHL / USB high-speed differenTIal switch and low-speed CBUS / USBID switch, allowing customers to Get the most efficient MHL output solution.

In terms of sound, it supports 8 channel I2S or SPDIF 192K sample rate, and also has the highest standard HBR (High Bit Rate) sound effects in the sound, including DTS-HD and Dolby TrueHD. In addition, it also supports RCP (Remote Control Protocol) and UTF-8 character protocol (UCP function), which allows system solution providers to easily develop the remote control function achieved by RCP, and also design more distinctive MHL with it. Related Products.

In addition to advanced specifications, many components are also saved in the system design, increasing the system BOM cost advantage. IT6811 is packaged in 4.5mmx4.5mm 64-ball VFBGA. Since February this year, samples have been provided to customers, and the design has been completed to prepare for mass production.

Lianyang has developed a series of HDMI, DisplayPort and other products with its own high-speed transmission technology, which has been adopted by many manufacturers such as TVs, computers, monitors, and consumer devices. . Lianyang launched the IT6811 MHL 2.1 transmitter control chip this time, plus a series of products such as MHLRX, MHL Switch, MHL2HDMI, HDMI2MHL and so on at the beginning of this year. .

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