Panasonic commercial LED lighting shipments exceeded one million units

Panasonic issued a press release on the 12th to announce that due to the promotion of energy-saving policies by Japanese companies and the introduction of LED lighting products, the lighting subsidiary "Panasonic Corporation Eco Solutions Company (hereinafter referred to as PCESC)" manufactures/sells commercial (office/factory) The LED lighting products "Integrated LED Basic Light iD Series" has exceeded 1 million units in Japan, and this milestone has been achieved in less than one year since it was launched in December 2012. The time to ship a million units was nearly four months earlier than the end of March 2014, which was originally estimated by Panasonic.

Like the fluorescent light, the iD series can be replaced by removing the LED from the lighting fixture, so the brightness and light color can be easily changed. Panasonic plans to launch it in February 2014. As long as no one is sensing, it will automatically lower. New product for brightness.

It is reported that in Panasonic's overall commercial lighting products, LED lighting products accounted for about 45% of the standard.

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