Make good use of medical apps to help doctor-patient communication and preoperative drills

The development and integration of medical apps has become the focus of many startups, such as the DrawMD app published by Visible Health, which provides a variety of presentation methods, including: voice, pictures, videos, etc., so that doctors can understand Explain and show the procedure of the operation to the patient, and explain the operation related knowledge. And these introduction materials can be backed up into a single file for archiving and provided to patients for reference. Another medical APP-SurgiChart is the successful use of webpages with mobile tool mapping software, which allows doctors to create an information library with only personal access rights, which stores patients' photos, X-rays, and like surgery schedules. And the information shared with the pharmacist is also integrated, because it is based on file management, which also makes the treatment process more consistent.

Medical application development can sometimes exert unimaginable influence.

Figure: Medical APP development can sometimes exert unimaginable influence.

In addition to improving the quality and efficiency of communication between doctors and patients, medical apps are also an important function for patients and their families to understand the risks of surgery. Some medical apps are specifically used to evaluate the potential risk of surgery, such as Missouri. The CV Surgery Risk published by CVOffice can be used to assess the mortality of cardiac surgery.

There are also some APPs to help the doctor training process. For example, TouchSurgery provides a set of tools to allow prospective physicians and senior doctors to conduct virtual surgery training and simulate the surgical process through the APP. As the user operates, the APP will also make a corresponding Corresponding response. At present, TouchSurgery has a total of appendectomy surgery, hip replacement surgery, and cholecystectomy surgery for virtual operations. The four physicians in the TouchSurgery development team are working to develop more types of surgery.

CVOffice founder Dr. Edward M. Bender mentioned that the transmission of medical information should not be restricted by time and space, and the development through mobile tools is an inevitable trend: smart phone applications will play an increasingly important role in the future medical system The larger, the in-depth communication between the doctor and the patient can improve the medical effect and increase the cure rate.

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