The difference between cable broadband and traditional ADSL

What is wired broadband, maybe some users are not very familiar with it. Below, let's first briefly understand the difference between cable broadband and everyone familiar with ADSL.

Cable Broadband (Cable Modem) and ADSL are broadband technologies that provide Internet access. The main difference between the two technologies is the transmission medium and modulation method. Cable Modem is transmitted through a cable TV cable, and ADSL is transmitted through a telephone line. In terms of the theoretical value and expandability of the bandwidth, Cable technology is dozens of times higher than ADSL, so Cable Modem has excellent broadband advantages.

Many users are curious, why can cable broadband not only transmit TV signals, but also provide Internet services, why does the two not affect each other? Next, the author will reveal this mystery for you.

When users use Cable Modem to transmit data, they use a certain channel in the existing cable line. At present, coaxial cables are mostly used, and the entire cable can be divided into three broadband. Used for cable modem digital signal upload, digital signal download and TV program analog number download respectively. The bandwidth of the general coaxial cable is 5-750MHz, the digital signal upload is 5-42MHz, the analog signal download is 50-550MHz, and the digital signal download is 550-750MHz. In this way, digital data and analog data will not conflict with each other, and of course can be transmitted at the same time. This is why users can watch TV programs normally while surfing the Internet through cable broadband.

XLPE Insulated Al Alloy Interlocked Cable is kind of cable, in which the rare earth high compressed aluminum alloy is used as conductor, and PVC is used as Jacket wound around. The insulation adopts XLPE material, featuring with high stability and flexibility. Outside the inner wrapping is the self-locking armour, which boasts of superior economic performance. The whole structure is designed and manufactured elaborately based on advanced international technology and  equipment. This cable removes the defects of aluminum cable systematically. And the great flexibility allows this cable to be bent at the corner. With easy installation, it presents excellent mechanical performance and large circuit transmission capacity.

Standard: GA306                         Jacket: PVC

Conductor: aluminum alloy          Cores: single core or multicore

Insulation: XLPE                           Feature: flame retarded

Wind: embossing polyester tape wrapping

Armour: interlocked aluminum alloy armour

Rated voltage: 0.6/1KV, 8.7/10KV, 8.7/15KV, 26/35KV

 self-locking armour


  • Easy to bend
  • Light weight
  • Easy installation
  • Long life span
  • Flame retarded
  • Decent mechanical strength
  • Creep resistance
  • Impact resistance
  • Zero halogen & low smoke
  • Corrosion & abrasion resistant
  • ...

XLPE Insulated Al Alloy Interlocked Cable


  • Public amenities such as theatres, cinemas
  • Mines
  • Transport hubs (railway stations, airports etc.)
  • For civil use
  • For commercial use
  • For industrial use
  • Schools
  • Large venus
  • Electrical equipment in hazardous areas
  • And many more...

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XLPE Insulated Al Alloy Interlocked Cable

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